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Should You Hire Recruitment Agency?
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Should you hire a recruitment agency?

Most entrepreneurs and small business owners may feel they have the knowledge and time to hire their own employees. The process seems simple -- place an ad in the local newspaper, on craigslist, and perhaps a job board or two. Then wait for the applications to start rolling in. But that's just the first step.

Let's use the example of a small business looking to fill engineering jobs. Unless the owner is an engineer herself, she might not know where to look, what the relevant required experience should be, or the necessary educational background for an engineer like an engineering staffing agency would.

That's where the recruitment agency comes in. It might seem less expensive to do the job herself. After all the agency doesn't work free. But whittling down the huge stack of applications is a major undertaking. If you look at the job boards they often tell you how many applications have been received and it can be in the hundreds if not thousands.

Another advantage of the recruitment agency is that they don't rely only on those who are actively looking for work, but have a database of engineers -- in this case -- of those who would be interested in a new job but aren't actively applying.

The recruitment agency narrows the choice to perhaps 10 or 12 applicants, then thoroughly vets the person, verifying past employment, education degrees and experience. The agency may even conduct preliminary interviews, either in person or on the phone. The finalists are sent to the business owner for interviews.

The business owner may interview all the applicants or select only four or five. For comparison sake, let�s say the owner interviews all 12 -- that's 12 hours and then calls three back for second interviews -- that's another three hours. If she took an hour to review each applicant to narrow the choice down to three that's an additional 12 hours. All tolled she spent 27 hours.

If she doesn't use a recruitment agency she has to do their job. If there are 100 applicants, it's reasonable to assume that the business owner takes 20 minutes to review each application and resume. That's 33 hours. Narrowing down the applications to 20 and then verifying the information on the 20 applications could take another 24 hours. Plus she still has to do the interviews and final selection. The advantage of the recruitment agency is clear, a savings of about 60 hours, plus the guarantee that the applicant has the experience and background he said he did.

Recruitment agencies specialize in different industries and levels of jobs. Besides engineering recruitment agencies, there are agencies that work in the medical field, high-tech, IT, finance and executive placement.

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