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When does your company need a business appraiser?

If you're planning on selling your business a business appraiser can give you a ballpark sales figure and tell you how he or she came up with that figure. They can also give you pointers on what you can do to increase your selling price.

And of course if you're buying a business, an appraisal is a must. You don't have to share the results with the seller since you're paying for the appraisal. And you may not want to if the appraisal comes in higher than the asking price.

A business appraisal is based on a number of factors. Most importantly the income generated by the business. The assets will be taken into consideration as well. If your business owns the building and land for example the value will be included net of any mortgages.

Some assets, such as a franchise agreement, may not be transferable, so the value won't be included.

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