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Business Plan Review & Critique Service

Let Us Look At Your Plan From

An Investor's Point of View

Writing a Business Plan for a new venture, or an ongoing business, can be a time consuming task. Software programs or instruction manuals can assist you with preparing a draft of your Plan, but it is still necessary to polish and perfect the document before submitting it to investors or lenders. And there's still the question every entrepreneur asks: Is my plan ready to go?

The best way to refine a Plan is to have it reviewed by other business professionals who have prepared high quality Plans. An independent point of view can help identify gaps, inconsistencies, and areas that need to be strengthened. We can review your business plan based on our nearly 16 years experience working with investors and venture capitalists. We have assisted clients with hundreds of Business Plans.

Does Your Business Plan:

Get The Reader's Attention and Hold It?

Tell A Complete Story?

Communicate In An Interesting Style?

Have Realistic Projections?

Demonstrate Management's Competence?

Show A Pathway To Profit?

Motivate Further Discussion?

Key Factors Influencing A Venture Capitalist's Decision To Invest (in order of preference, according to a recent survey we conducted): Does your business plan cover these points?
1) Quality of the company's management
2) Size of the company's market
3) Proprietary, uniqueness or brand strength of the company's product
4) Potential Return on Investment
5) Company's potential for growth

How Does The Service Work? If you have completed a draft of your Plan, we are available to review it and provide you with a 2-3 page report that includes suggested changes or additions, plus the various sections of the plan are graded based on a scoring system we have developed. The Business Plan also receives an overall score. The reports are written by Brian Hill and Dee Power, the senior partners of Profit Dynamics Inc. and authors of the popular books, Inside Secrets to Venture Capital and Attracting Capital from Angels. The report is written in an easy to follow format you can immediately put to use. Our recommendations are practical and concise.

How Long Does It Take? The report is usually completed within a week of when we receive your Plan draft.

How Much Does It Cost?

The cost: $349. You can pay by credit card, electronic check, paypal or personal check. The Review can be completed within a week. You donít have to have a paypal account to pay by credit card.

After payment you'll email your business plan to us as an email attachment to contact @ Or send your plan and a check for $349.00 to: Brian Hill P.O. Box 18460, Fountain Hills, AZ 85269-8460. Please make checks payable to Profit Dynamics Inc.

If you have further questions about our consulting services or would like to discuss a project with us, please e-mail contact@(nospam) Ė remove the (nospam) from the email address, and Brian Hill will get right back with you.

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