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Small Business Articles
Crash Course on Capital

A humorous look at entrepreneurs. The Entrepreneur as a Species: Alien or Otherwise

Crash Course on Capital provides small business articles and information, and tips on business planning, networking, finding capital, working with investors, determining whether debt or equity is best for your company, trade and barter, networking, and SBA loans. Setting goals and objectives keeps your company on track. Sites are popping up that allow you to search for the best resources, services and products.

Tips for Contacting Venture Capitalists Think you should submit through their website? Think again.

What Easter Baskets Can Teach Us About Investing

How to Pitch to Venture Capitalists

What Does It Take To Become An Entrepreneur

How to Communicate With Your Boss

Learn the secrets to business success

How Employees React to Organizational Changes

Invest in Your Health

Establishing a company that invests in real estate and leasing properties can be started on a small scale with just 2 or 3 houses to begin with. Tenant Screening is critical to success. Read Why Tenant Screening Reports are Important

What are Market Segments

Entrepreneurs Are the Patriots of Today

Spring! And How Does Your Garden (Business) Grow?

Does Your Business Need a Google+ Page?

How to Set Up a Small Business

How To Discover the Best Merchant Account Service for Your Company

The Truth About Grants For Businesses

Credit Card Debt Getting You Down and Out

Learn the Secrets to Business Success

Business Plan Advice

Do Entrepreneurs really need a business plan? Find out what entrepreneurs themselves think, when you read our business plan survey .

What Should Be Included In Your Business Plan? --Our Business Plan Format. One of the first impressions your company makes on a potential investor is your Business Plan. What should be included? Make sure you cover all the important topics.

Getting Started On Your Business Plan Getting started on the business planis often the biggest hurdle in the whole process of business planning. The project can be overwhelming.

Mistakes you don't want to make in your business plan. What do investors say about the plans they receive from entrepreneurs? Find out what the worst mistakes are.

Venture Capital and Private Investors

Venture Capital Survey Debunks Common Beliefs Think you know all about venture capitalists? Why they say no? What the most important factor is in their investment decision? Read the Venture Capital Survey

Venture Capital Lottery What are your odds of receiving venture capital funds for your company?

Don't Kill Off Your Bank Loan With Dead End Assumptionsby George Dawson, Find out what not to do with your banker.

Information on Financing Alternatives

Banks loans and Venture Capital? Is that all there is? No, there's joint ventures, leasing, asset based, factoring....... Lots of ways to finance your business

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