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Real Estate Investing

Real estate investing can be risky but investment in real property can be profitable. The trick is not being forced to sell in a down market. Property Investment takes patience and a sound knowledge of the geographic area you're considering. Search for the type of properties you're interested in by region and type.

Don't over leverage your portfolio of properties by mortgaging them to the maximum. Leave a little breathing room. If your properties don't fully lease out you'll still be able to comfortably make your commercial mortgage payments.

Invest in locations you know. If you live in New York, it's reasonable to invest in Manhattan real estate for example, but not in an area, such as Florida, you know nothing about.

Invest in what you know. If you've always invested in flipping homes make sure you investigate the market for office buildings if you're tempted by a good deal. The parameters are completely different.

A lucrative market is buying homes that are nearing foreclosure, or at auction, making minimal upgrades and then leasing the properties until the market values increase. More at Real Estate Investing

Stocks, Bonds, Penny Stocks

Stocks and bonds are among the most popular types of Financial Investments for individuals at all life stages and economic status from the young person investing their first $1,000 to millionaires managing their retirement portfolio. Many investment advisers recommend having both stocks and bonds in your investment account. Educate yourself about the market through reading and attending seminars. Stocks have more upside potential for returns, but also more risk of loss of principal when the market suddenly turns down. You might consider selling precious metals, jewelry, silver and gold while the market is hot and investing the proceeds in stocks.

Bonds offer lower overall returns, in the long run, but more safety and also the opportunity to earn interest. A blend of these two investments can provide you with the mix of risk and reward that is just right for your current life situation. Article continues Invest in Stocks.

Penny Stocks are low-priced stocks of small companies. The stocks trade for less than $5 per share. They are not traded on the major exchanges such as the New York Stock Exchange or NASDAQ. Rather they are found on over the counter listing services (OTC). Penny Stocks are among the riskiest types of stock investments available; these companies have fewer shareholders than large companies, and because of that, any significant change in demand for the shares can send the stock price soaring or crashing. Article continues Penny stocks

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