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Pay Per Sale, Affiliate Programs, and Commissions

You're simply selling your product through someone else's marketing efforts and you pay a sales commission when the sale is completed. Most of the products sold on the Internet are informational, either an ecourse, software, or ebook. Quite a few of the affiliate products pay more than a 50% commission. The smart product owners offer banners, buttons, sales copy, and even articles that their affiliates can use to promote with. If your product is a physical product you can still use an affiliate program.

Clickbank is one of the most established programs. Commission Junction is another source. Clickbank only allows digital products but Commission Junction offers just about every product you can think of. Major brands are offered through Commission Junction. Both of these make the payments to the affiliates so you don't have to worry about setting up a payment process. PayDotCom is a program which uses PayPal as the payment method. The product owner makes the decision to pay the affiliates and has to authorize PayDotCom to do so.

You can also establish your own affiliate program and pay the commissions directly rather than through a third party such as clickbank.

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