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Angel Investor Networks vary considerably. They are generally a group of accredited investors who get together to review companies for potential investment. The investments can be made by the private equity investors belonging to the network or by the network itself as a limited partnership. Some angel networks charge a fee to the entrepreneur for the business plan to be reviewed, or for an in-person presentation to be made to the "angels" group and other angel networks don't. The Angel Networks are linked and listed below.

Venture capital

If you're looking for capital you need a business plan.

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Venture capital

National Networks

Active Capital The SBA (small Business Administration) created the Angel Capital Electronic Network (ACE-Net). ACE-Net has become Active Capital. The entrepreneur pays $199 to use the online program to generate a U-7 SCOR Offering. This offering is listed at the Active Capital site for 60 days. The member investors are notified of the company if it matches their criteria. Additional time periods of 90 day increments can be bought for $100. Investors join by verifying they are 'accredited' and pay a fee of no more than $450.00 per year. Some states pay the fees for the investors.

Angel Capital Network very little is available on the website as to fees, how the service works, and what the qualifications are to join.

Angel Deals Entrepreneurs pay $19.95 per year for their listing and a variety of materials. Investors pay $50.00 per year. There is a search function but no 'matching' function.

Investors' Circle
One Coleridge Street, Suite B, San Francisco, CA 94110, 415-641-0204, There is a $350.00 posting fee for entrepreneurs which includes their company on the Investors' Circle website and in their newsletter. Inclusion in the Venture Fairs is an additional fee of $350.00 to $850.00.

Gathering of Angels Gathering of Angel meetings (GOA) are held in a number of different cities around the country. GOA is an Angel Forum where 6 companies present with PowerPoint for 20 min each followed by 2-5 min of Q&A.  Accredited Angel Investors, VCs and Investment Bankers attend our events complementary.  Each GOA presenter pays $2500 presentation fee. Additional GOA meetings are $2,000, each.


Arizona Angels Investor Network website currently is under construction, which is odd since the network previously had a full fledged website. It has been around for at least 15 years.

Desert Angels The organization was formed in the Fall of 2000. It has grown rapidly, and as of March, 2001, there are over 65 members. The Angels meet regularly about every 30 - 45 days. As an organization, the Desert Angels does not make investments. It serves as a forum for members to review presentations and make their own investment decisions. There is no requirement on the part of individual members to make an investment in any company. Companies seeking to make a presentation or for more information on membership, please contact: Jerry Sonenblick, President and CEO, 1037 S. Alvernon, Tucson, AZ 85711 520 977 8198


The Fund for Arkansas' Future is a member-managed, angel investor fund formed for the purpose of capitalizing early-stage, Arkansas-based companies with the obvious goal of generating strong returns for our investors.  Our members (investors) comprise some of Arkansas' premier business and community leaders who are focused on driving economic development through the creation of high-growth companies based in Arkansas.

Northern California

Acorn Angels is a group of Silicon Valley Angel Investors who provide early stage investment capital for hi-tech companies.  The network of Angels consists of highly successful professionals who all bring invaluable knowledge and experience to their ongoing commitment to support innovation and creativity in the information technology industry. 

AngelsCorner is a Silicon Valley based venture group comprised of individual investors and representatives of investment corporations. AngelsCorner is primarily focused on investing into private companies with strong teams, proprietary solutions, and high potentials.

Band Of Angels New members must be recommended by a current member to apply for membership. Entrepreneurs must be invited by a current member to present.

Angel Investors Forum will consider only companies located in Silicon Valley. Submit through their web site. There is no fee to entrepreneurs.

Golden Gate Angels For qualified Investors and Entrepreneurs in the San Francisco area. Please send an email for details.

North Bay Angels The North Bay Angels (NBA) has been formed by a group of San Francisco, North Bay Area executives and professionals to fill a growing need to provide a forum for learning about and making early stage investment capital (seed capital) and advisory assistance (mentoring) available to entrepreneurial companies in the North Bay.

Life Science Angels™ has been formed by prominent members of the life sciences industry to create investment opportunities in early stage biotechnology and medical device companies.  This non-profit, member-led organization makes investments in the range of $250,000 to $1 million in emerging companies that bring new and proprietary technologies to the life science industry. 

Sand Hill Angels is a group of successful Silicon Valley technology professionals dedicated to the formation and growth of startup companies. They invest in private companies at all stages and favor technology investments in the Information Sciences and Life Sciences.

The North Bay Angels (NBA) has been formed by a group of San Francisco, North Bay Area executives and professionals to fill a growing need to provide a forum for learning about and making early stage investment capital (seed capital) and advisory assistance (mentoring) available to entrepreneurial companies in the North Bay.

Southern California, CA

Imporium Angels, San Diego, Members of Imporium Angels consist of successful entrepreneurs who have founded their own companies. They want to lend their capital and more importantly their experience to high-risk startups. The members work well together because of the exclusive nature of our membership. We consider ourselves as friends before investors.

The Pasadena Angels, Inc. is a non-profit entity which provides a forum where young companies developing their business and financing plans can get counsel from experienced entrepreneurs, senior corporate executives, skilled professionals from a variety of industries and accredited investors. Pasadena Angels charges such companies no fees of any kind and provides its services to companies which it believes have a solid core management team, significant potential for success, and receptiveness to coaching and the group's inputs.

Tech Coast Angel Networks located in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego, and Santa Barbara, CA. TCA members provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$2M, an investment range not generally served by VCs. Since 1997 TCA members have invested over $55 million in more than 85 Southern California Companies (See Investment Portfolio), together with $591 million from venture capital co-investors. Members are founders, CEO's, venture capitalists and business leaders who have funded and built world-class companies. We mentor and coach, serve on their boards, provide contacts, and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.


Alliance of Angels located in Seattle, early stage companies. The Alliance of Angels is a membership organization of individual accredited angel investors and investment corporations. The goal of the Alliance of Angels is to nurture the growth of technology-based businesses in the Pacific Northwest by improving the interactions among angel investors and emerging local technology companies seeking funding.

Seraph Capital located in Seattle, women angels primarily, dedicated to promoting women as investors.


Bio Angels Chicago, IL, BioAngels is a not-for-profit corporation whose mission is to facilitate investment in startup and early-stage medical and life sciences businesses in the Midwest.

Heartland Angels Skokie, IL, Heartland Angels, Inc. is a private equity network that brings together accredited investors with early stage start-up companies and real estate opportunities looking for equity and debt investments. They match investors and startup companies through a process of due diligence designed specifically for start-up and early stage companies. Potential investment opportunities are presented to the network investors monthly.

Blue Stem Ventures (IL) Named after the high-yielding prairie grass that pervades the Midwest, Bluestem Ventures is a private investment group investing in both mature and early-stage companies. We consist of leading business executives, private investors, bankers, researchers, doctors and emerging entrepreneurs with expertise in a variety of markets and technologies. Bluestem provides both financial and intellectual capital, along with a vast network of industry resources, to high-growth companies.

Indiana Seed Fund Indianapolis, IN, For over a century, Indiana has been home to both pharmaceutical and medical device heavyweights, as well as world-renowned university and research facilities. BioCrossroads was formed to capitalize on this strong foundation by attracting new business opportunities, intellectual property and capital to our life sciences industry. With the aid of private and public investments, the resources necessary for life science prowess have come together at BioCrossroads to make Indiana a national and international life sciences center.

Enterprise Angels (SD) \ A network of accredited angel investors and angel associations with support services provided by the Enterprise Institute. The network provides angels with a quality deal source for high growth entrepreneurial ventures, educational opportunities and a vehicle to establish business relationships

Mid-America Angels ("MAA") (KS) is a regional network of angel investors dedicated to identifying and funding the most promising start-up business opportunities in the Kansas-Missouri Region.  MAA has two primary objectives:1. To present high return on investment funding opportunities to its members. 2. To facilitate access to early-stage financing for high-potential businesses and entrepreneurs.

The Midwest Venture Alliance (MVA) (KS) is a membership organization of accredited private investors committed to investing in high-growth seed and early-stage technology companies in Kansas and surrounding states.

C-Cap / Queen City Angels Cincinnati, OH, C-Cap is a resource hub designed to link entrepreneurs with angel investors and the other resources they need to create successful growth companies. Our mission is to increase the number of growth companies that receive seed capital funding from Cincinnati area angels. C-Cap is backed by an existing group of active angels, and by the resources of the Circuit and of Ohio's IT Alliance, Ohio's state-wide information technology association.

Ohio TechAngels Columbus, OH, The Ohio TechAngel Fund, LLC is a contributed capital and “sidecar” angel fund with over one hundred members and partners from throughout Ohio. The Fund is interested in engaging qualified entrepreneurs who are developing promising, high-growth Ohio businesses, predominantly in the life sciences, information technology, and physical sciences market sectors.

Grand Angels Grand Rapids, MI, The mission of the Grand Angels is to utilize its financial, intellectual and networking capital to promote the success of young growing companies and to enhance the economic development of West Michigan. The Grand Angels is one of many so-called “Angel bands” around the country, committed both to making profitable investments and to community economic development. 

Aurora Angels Petoskey, MI, Aurora Angels is a newly formed seed/early stage angel capital group composed of and run by angel investors and investment professionals. This organized group of angels focuses on nurturing high-growth businesses that are developing innovative products and services in the cleantech (enviornmental, alternate energy), alternate energy (wind, solar, biomass), –advanced materials, Automation, telecommunications and Information technology areas. Our primary geographical focus is on northwestern lower and the eastern upper peninsulas of Michigan, although we will address outstanding opportunities throughout the state of Michigan.

Great Lakes Angels Bloomfield Hills, MI, The Mission of the Great Lakes angels organization is to organize and mentor angels and provide a forum for them to grow in knowledge and wealth and foster more of the same - to help invest in entrepreneurial companies in the region. It will have numerous 'deals' presented, high-level content and quality speakers and panelists on key issues of angel investing. Current 'Angels' and high net worth 'potential Angels' can meet in a confidential and educational environment to discover opportunities for mutual areas of investment. Experts can be identified and shared to assist in due diligence on technologies outside the individual's own comfort zone and help transition investors into new exciting technologies for growth of companies in the Region and greater personal reward.

The Ann Arbor Angels (A2A) (MI)is a collaborative non-profit organization dedicated to bridging the gap between angel investors and early stage technology-based companies in Southern Michigan. The focus of the organization is to facilitate private equity and debt financing. The Ann Arbor Angels organization has been under development since 2002. The effort has been spearheaded by the Technology Industry Group at Bank of Ann Arbor.

St. Louis Arch Angels St. Louis, MO, The St. Louis Arch Angels were established in January 2005. Arch angel members provide seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$2M, an investment range not generally served by VCs. Our members are business leaders from the St. Louis region. They mentor and coach, serve on boards, provide contacts, and assist with team building, strategic planning and fundraising.

Silicon Pastures Milwaukee, WI, Silicon Pastures is Milwaukee's longest-running angel investing network. They invest in a broad range of early-stage opportunities. They actively seek deals in Wisconsin, Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa, and Indiana. Silicon Pastures Members have invested more than $10M since 2000 in more than a dozen start-up and early-stage companies.

NEW Capital Fund, LP (WI) is a private equity limited partnership with nearly $10 million of committed capital. The NEW Capital Fund has 75 investors, most of whom live and work in the New North. In the next five years, the fund will focus on investing in 10 to 12 early-stage companies located in and around the New North that have the potential for rapid growth and can be certified as qualified businesses under Wisconsin's Act 255.

The Phenomenelle Angels Fund I (WI)is a new early stage seed fund to invest in women-owned or managed and minority owned businesses in Wisconsin and the Midwest.


Angel Atlanta The Atlanta Technology Angels (ATA) is a private group, founded in 1998, that actively seeks investments in early stage technology companies based in Atlanta, Georgia. ATA is an active source of private capital and business experience to local technology entrepreneurs. ATA, as a group, has invested more than $15,000,000 in 30 Atlanta technology companies between 1999 and 2004.  ATA is currently actively investing and encourages qualified Atlanta-based companies to submit business plans.

Virginia/Washington DC/Maryland/Pennsylvania

Washington Dinner Club is an early stage venture fund administered by New Vantage Group (NVG). The Club was founded by John May, Managing Partner of New Vantage Group and Cal Simmons of ASAP Ventures. The primary focus of the Club is to discover and invest in those companies located in and around the expanding Washington, D.C. area. After primary attention on the region, a secondary screen is used for the states of Virginia and Maryland. Investment opportunities in non-traditional venture arenas are not overlooked and a wide definition of investment focus is taken by the Club.

Delaware Crossing Investor Group (PA) is a network of former and current executives and entrepreneurs who provide counsel and capital to early-stage and other growth-oriented companies. Delaware Crossing Investor Group is a membership organization of qualified investors who play an active role in the sourcing of prospective portfolio companies, managing the investment process and serving on the board of directors of portfolio companies. While many of the investments presented to the group are high risk, these investments also have the potential for a high return.

BlueTree Allied Angels (Allied Angels) (PA) is a regional group of accredited investors who desire to invest in regional early-stage companies.   This “members-only” organization is designed to operate as a network of private equity investors who meet on a monthly basis to evaluate and consider pre-institutional, early-stage investments. 

The LORE (PA) Group, since its founding in 1988, the principal mission of the LORE group is to provide investment capital and mentoring to early stage companies principally in the Greater Philadelphia Area.  These investments are made for the benefit of the company and are expected to provide an above average return to compensate for the added risk of such investments.

Womens' Investment Network (PA) Welcome to a group of women like no other in Philadelphia. We are current and aspiring leaders of and investors in high-growth companies. We're supporting each other and reaching out to women who are starting businesses and careers, by offering programs for education, networking, mentoring, and exposure to investment resources.

The Private Investors Forum (PIF) (PA) is a non-profit organization of accredited private investors dedicated to providing education and stimulating investment in the Greater Philadelphia Region, including New Jersey, Delaware and Maryland. PIF accomplishes this mission by hosting the Annual Angel Venture Fair, quarterly educational meetings for accredited private investors and the establishment of the PIF Due Diligence Fund.

Robin Hood Ventures (PA) is a group of experienced entrepreneurs and accredited investors interested in investing and taking an active role in early stage companies with high return on investment potential.  We can invest $250K to $500K for a single financing, and will co-invest with other angels or institutions. Robin Hood Ventures, founded in 1999,  takes an innovative approach to angel investing.     Member-established direct investment accounts create a pool of investable funds that enable rapid decision-making.  Robin Hood's consistent approach to due diligence and deal structuring streamlines the deal process.  Robin Hood Ventures invests as a single entity and considers business opportunities that represent the diverse interests and experience of our members.

Active Angel Investors (VA) is a membership network of accredited investors who desire to invest in seed-stage opportunities in the Mid-Atlantic region. Members subscribe to Active Angel Investors on an annual basis. The Active Angel membership meet ten or eleven times over the year to consider two or three investment opportunities per meeting. The network considers exclusively pre-institutional, early-stage investments, and typically lead the financing rounds.

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