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Small Business Resources For Entrepreneurs

Products and Services for businesses whether a start-up or well established, every business needs resources.

Business Incubators provide office space, mentoring, access to capital, and other assistance to those companies who are accepted. There are mostly public non-profit business incubators. While they are non-profit that doesn't mean they provide the services for free or to just anyone. Most of the time the companies are selected to participate based on their potential for growth and profitability.

For Profit Business Incubators are privately funded and managed. They also provide office space, mentoring, access to capital, and other assistance to those companies who are accepted. The accepted companies give the incubators an equity share in exchange for the services and funding.

Every business, even start-ups, should have a reliable accounting software system including tracking revenues and expenses, accounts payable and accounts receivables. It also pays to have an accounting firm review the company's financial statements at least on a yearly basis.

Crash Course on Capital provides articles, tips, and information on business planning, networking, finding capital, working with investors, determining whether debt or equity is best for your company, trade and barter, networking, and SBA loans. A merchant Account may be necessary if your website is planning on selling products and services. Setting goals and objectives keeps your company on track.

Resources for Women All the resources of the Capital Connection are appropriate for women. Funding sources don't discriminate based on gender. However there are a number of resources that focus primarily on women entrepreneurs, and business owners. Venture capital companies that focus on women owned or controlled companies, loan sources, forums and even a venture capital conference just for women.

Entrepreneurs always have some starting point they can reflect back on as the turning point of their careers. Finances involved in setting themselves up are usually one of them. Companies are on hand to lend & provide finance to bridge the first tentative steps. With funding in place, such entrepreneurs can concentrate on developing their skills further

A Futures Broker can offer valuable advice on where the market may be heading and how you can profit from it. Although to of course always do your own research as well.

Intellectual Property Web Sites that may be of interest to inventors including patents.

Business Plan Consultants, Books, Software, and Reviews If you're starting a business or looking for funding you need a well thought out business plan.

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