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Overview of The Capital Connection

The Capital Connection provides links and resources to start up capital and is organized into several segments:

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Looking For Money

MONEY on the header bar graphic at the top of the page is subdivided into business financing sources directed to entrepreneurs looking for funding. Find start up capital for your company through one of these sources. The sources also provide expansion capital, factoring, purchase order financing and loans.

Each category contains information, web sites, and companies that provide that service. The web sites are linked and the fees and services provided by the company are described. It is organized into major categories.

The different categories for Money including start up capital include:

Capital networks and other web sites that help match entrepreneurs and investors,
Angels/Private Investors
Alternative financing
Acquisition Financing
Venture Capital, companies, conferences, and survey
Personal Finance
Start up Capital


Most incubators provide Start up Capital and Business Ideas & Guidance for Small Businesses as well as the physical office, staffing and equipment. That guidance can be a key ingredient for success. If you're offered the opportunity to become part of a business incubator it should be seriously considered.

Resources and information for entrepreneurs, Business Incubators, Help for Women Entrepreneurs, intellectual property protection information. There are also informative articles on raising capital, business planning and obtaining a loan at Crash Course for Entrepreneurs

Whether you're starting a business, looking for financing, both business and personal, or considering making investments, educate yourself on the options available. For example, venture capital investment is viable for less than 1000 companies per quarter. Use sites that offer financial news and calculator tools to assist in your decision making process. Subscribe to newsletters as well.

Directory of Experts

Experts is broken into several categories. The first is a directory of information about marketing, both traditional functions such as advertising and publicity and Internet marketing. There's also search Engine Optimization, website hosting and design, article marketing and affiliate marketing. Reviews are a part of marketing as well.

Experts also include content on why and when a company should hire professionals who can help their company, such as accountants, attorneys, consultants, and business appraisers. Business Plan consulting is included here as well.

Products and Services for businesses.

Book Store

Business Finance Books written by Dee Power and Brian Hill the owners and developers of the Capital Connection Website.

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Interesting and most importantly FREE stuff related to business. You can find a business plan format, debt calculator, newsletter, and more.

Contact Us tells you how to reach us.

About Us gives you the background of the company behind the web site, Profit Dynamics Inc., and the founders, Brian Hill and Dee Power.

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The main categories on the headerbar graphic are broken down a bit more.

Money includes:

Looking For Business Financing? Looking for venture capital, private investors, angel networks, investor databases, loans, or alternative sources of capital? Over 1000 different resources linked from Business Financing.

Personal Finance: Mortgages, home loans, credit cards including home equity loans, refinancing, and debt consolidation information.

Investors Only Investing for individuals including real estate, stocks and bonds, and investing in private companies.

Resources Includes:

Bookstore books written by Dee Power and Brian Hill

Crash Course On Capital informative articles on topics of interest to entrepreneurs

Venture Capital Survey of over 250 venture capital companies.

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