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Tips To Starting A Handbag Business

If you're planning on starting a small business to bring in extra cash, pay off bills or replace your 8-5 job, there are several steps you'll need to tackle to get that business off the ground. Establishing a bricks and mortar retail shop that focuses on handbags and accessories will take more cash, time and effort than starting an online shopping site for discount hobo handbags for example. If you have limited funding, then the online site would be a better choice.

Decide on a business name and format. Keep in mind that you want potential buyers to be able to find you through a search engine. Think about how visitors would search for what you offer and use at least one, if not more, of those keywords in the domain. The other key is to come up with a memorable name that sticks in the customers' mind. It can be a challenge to do both. The name "Cheap Handbags" would work for a search engine but leave savvy shoppers bored. A name like Bananas for Handbags has the keyword handbags in the domain and conveys an image of energy, fashion and fun.

The format of an online business could be as simple as sole proprietor, the name of the business would be a doing business as -- dba -- under your personal name. If you want to separate your personal assets from the business's assets you'll need to establish the business as a limited liability corporation, C corporation or S corporation.

Obtain the necessary licenses. Many online small business owners don't think it's necessary to obtain a business license from their city and state. They're shocked to find out that not only is it necessary, they can be fined if they don't have one. A retail business, such as an online handbag store, would also require a sales privilege license to collect tax for those sales made in their state.

The retail license is required by many wholesalers to offer that all important wholesale discount. Some wholesalers won't sell to the general public.

Select a web host that offers a shopping cart program. You'll also need to establish a method of payment that is integrated with the shopping cart program. You could use an online third party payment processor such as Paypal or establish a merchant account to accept credit cards on your own.

Now the fun begins as you select the types of handbags you'll want to offer, write the descriptions for each bag and photograph each bag. Customers won't buy what they can't see or read about.

Promote the site through the usual methods of search engine optimization but also consider social networking such as facebook, google+ and twitter. One newer site that seems to be going gangbusters with women is Pinterest. The site is very visual and frequented by mostly women who are interested in fashion, food, weddings, pets and interior decorating.

Online Handbag Business

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